Online Stock Trading App: 4 Best Apps for Different Types of Investors

Since you can literally do anything with your phone or tablet these days, it’s no surprise that you can also invest and trade stocks using apps. Why spend a fortune paying a broker to trade for you when you can do it yourself? Even if you are not very knowledgeable or experienced, the best online stock trading application platforms come with tips and resources to help you learn better.

You only need one or two good programs to make all your investments. It also depends on your experience level and trading style.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the more popular trading apps:

Robin Hood

This one was launched before the Robinhood website. It’s free to start, although you won’t get access to the full range of investments. Bitcoin support has recently been added. The program’s interface is intuitive, and the information you need to make decisions is easy to access and understand. Robinhood uses only the best security and privacy measures to protect investors’ personal data and assets.


This is a great choice for beginners. College students can take advantage of the free drive feature, and some retailers can even get “cash back.” There are no unexpected free bonuses and you can make small trades for as little as $1 – $3.

Acorns is not for everyone, especially more active, versatile traders who want a larger portfolio.


The good thing about Stash is that it’s not just an online stock trading program, it’s also an educational program designed to help you learn as you go. It allows users to start investing from as little as $5 and provides advice on which stocks might be right for you. Investments are made in single shares / EFTs, which are used in different themes, such as “environment” or “innovation”.

Handy Trader

This tool is created by Interactive Brokers and is available to members of Zacks Trade. If you are not familiar with Zack’s Trade, it is a great platform for active traders and those interested in foreign stock exchanges. There are many investment options to choose from, including options, EFTs, bonds, mutual funds, etc. To help you make decisions, Handy Trader supports real-time charts and market data, and allows you to place orders either instantly or via an order ticket.

In addition to the best app for online stock trading, Zacks Trade and Interactive Brokers offer a web-based platform for those who prefer to trade on a PC.