Bitcoin Brokers – Understand the benefits of cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be spent, stored or invested, and it can also be stolen. Bitcoin trading used to be considered risky, but current trends show that it has become a big hit in the binary options sector. This decentralized currency is not regulated by any government or central authority.
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What determines the price of Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin is determined by the ratio of supply and demand. Prices rise when demand increases, rates fall when demand falls. Bitcoins are limited in circulation and new ones are created very slowly. Because it does not have enough cash reserves to move the market price, its price can be very volatile.
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Bitcoin trading is popular because of –

  • Low inflation risk – Inflation is the biggest problem for traders because all currencies lose some of their purchasing power when reserve banks keep printing more currency. Since the bitcoin minting system is limited to only 21 million bitcoins, it is almost unaffected by inflation.
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  • Low risk of collapse – Currency fluctuations depend on government trade policies, which sometimes cause hyperinflation and even collapse the currency. Bitcoin is a virtual universal currency that is not regulated by any government.
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  • Simple, safe and cheap – Bitcoin payments happen between peer-to-peer networks without intermediaries, so they are easy and cheap.
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  • Easy to wear – Millions of dollars worth of bitcoins can be carried in your pocket, on a memory card. This cannot be done with gold or cash.
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  • Untraceable – Issuance of bitcoins is not regulated by any government, so the risk of confiscation is zero.

Bitcoin Binary Options Trading Platform

Binary options brokers are familiar with the popularity of these bitcoins and their constant fluctuations in value. Therefore, they use this opportunity to offer traders the latest volatile cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Bitcoin brokers that provide the cryptocurrency as a trading option include:

  • One Touch Option – You can trade Bitcoin with AnyOption or One Touch Option. For example, the current popular currency pair BTC/USD.
  • hotwire

  • SetOption is the latest asset trading option available – BITCOIN/USD.

Bitcoin brokers provide a simple online trading platform. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your details and create an account. You can start with a demo account to understand the action of the market.
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The trading screen is simple.

  • Select price direction (UP/DOWN)
  • Choose a time frame

Is Bitcoin Trading Safe?
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The Bitcoin network is arguably the most widespread computing project in the world. The most common drawback here is user error. Bitcoin wallet files can be lost, stolen, or deleted accidentally, just like any other digital file.
However, users can use robust security strategies to protect their money. In addition, you can choose service providers that offer a high level of security, as well as insurance against loss or theft.
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How cryptocurrency trading software helps grow your crypto platform

Cryptocurrency trading software package is an integrated system to manage all aspects of cryptocurrency trading platform, such as all kinds of buying, selling, exchanging, lending, MLM and affiliate management, conversion, comparison and real-time market analysis, etc.
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Important features to consider:

Buy, sell and exchange: Nishue is an impressive trade management system that offers your users a smooth and secure methodology to easily buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Lending System Management: This system is quite convenient for brokerage, has a system to manage the crypto lending service, such as creation, offer management, maintenance and moderation, etc.

Unique Admin Module: Nishue features a secure and advanced admin module that gives you end-to-end control over your cryptocurrency exchange.
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Individual Client Profile: An individual client profile module that helps your users easily track and verify all open deposits or withdrawal orders, entries, transactions, etc. with one click of the mouse.

MLM and Affiliate Management: These marketing-ready automation tools make it easy to manage affiliate commissions, investment history, and level-based paperwork.

Market Comparison and Converter: Two additional systems have been integrated for real-time crypto comparison, conversion and in-depth analysis.

How cryptocurrency trading software helps grow your crypto platform:

Coin Deposit and Withdrawal: Crypto traders have to support huge deposit and withdrawal requests on a daily basis. Trading software helps you manage your activity with an auto-tuning algorithm.

Coin Package and Lending Offer: Keep a variety of coin packages and lending offer at your customer’s fingertips. You can create, manage and promote your offer with a well-designed package.

Level Commission: Are you following an MLM strategy to reward eligible affiliates and worried about setting their commission? Ok, it’s ready to automatically calculate their commission by level.

Notification and Risk Management: Every crypto trading platform should organize a push notification system to keep themselves and their clients aware of the many alarming issues and thus help to mitigate risk. In this case, the system project is completely ideal.

Multiple Payment Gateway: You can integrate your cryptocurrency wallet, local currency, Payeer system Even mobile banking as a payment method in this software to make your transaction hassle-free.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly ROI: You are concerned about maintaining ROI as you said. This cryptocurrency trading management software can automatically calculate ROI, commission and more according to your instructions.

Free Responsive Website: It should integrate a fully responsive, SEO optimized dynamic website with our system and it is completely free. This will help you run your business smoothly.

Crypto Comparison, Conversion and Depth Analysis: Crypto market cap and two-fold coin converter have been integrated for crypto comparison, conversion and depth analysis

100% Secure System: The trading software is designed with high security concerns in mind. This cryptocurrency trading software uses Integer secure framework, two-factor authentication and many other security systems.

The ultimate package exclusively for spot cryptocurrency trading that allows users to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Built on the same technology that powers Nishue software, it includes proven, market-leading tools developed over 25 years to provide both professional and active cryptocurrency traders with a better experience than what is currently available time offer other solutions for trading only crypto.

How Blockchain Can Increase Your Profits in Banking?

Every industry is being revolutionized by technology in the digital economy and has led to dramatic changes. The banking industry is no different. Banks have successfully embraced the future of digitization. We are on the cusp of a radical revolution, but most don’t know it. Even those people who appreciate the potential of blockchain technology often look no further than Bitcoin. When one digs deeper and understands how blockchain functions and its implications, one will inevitably understand its importance.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that maintains a complete and unedited record of all relevant information associated with a digital transaction. This ledger allows instant and firm settlement of transactions. Blockchain is a hit in the banking industry as it reduces the time it takes to complete a payment and eliminates redundant processes. Blockchain technology could disrupt banking. In a world where billions of people don’t have access to banks, blockchain technology could have a major impact. Residents of developing countries with limited access to banking services will be able to create an account and conduct transactions internationally. It will also allow citizens to conduct safe and secure transactions between participants without the need for centralized control or an intermediary.

Not surprisingly, financial institutions are exploring the unique possibilities of blockchain. Financial institutions can also use it to gain better insight into market movements and increase transparency. Blockchain technology can reduce bank infrastructure costs and speed up processing times. Data management is a big challenge in banking, but with blockchain technology, banks can store any type of data and allow access to that data only according to pre-defined rules.

Trade finance is a major area in banking that could be transformed by blockchain technology. Outdated processes in banking need to be updated in terms of cost and efficiency. Blockchain is the best platform for bringing parties together in a secure network without a third party and by making every transaction secure.

Be it payments, fast transactions, or transparency, blockchain’s core properties of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and secure transactions are a few reasons why this technology is growing in popularity among financial institutions. Blockchain technology has enough potential to change the entire banking system. But much remains to be done for financial institutions and citizens to fully realize the implications and benefits of blockchain. However, there is no doubt that blockchain technology is the key to improving the banking system. The use of this technology can bring many effective benefits in the banking industry.

The future of blockchain technology

What is Blockchain?

The term blockchain has been used in many social and corporate conversations in recent years, and it seems that everyone has heard of blockchain technology, but the majority of the population has no idea what it actually means.

In order for us to explain exactly what blockchain technology really means, let us give you a brief history of how money transactions have evolved. Historically, whenever people exchanged valuable items, there were intermediaries whose sole purpose was to establish the authenticity of both parties and build trust between them. These intermediaries are now known as banks. The use of banks and brokers continued over time, and with the advent of digital assets such as stocks, electronic money, and intellectual property, a more secure method was needed. This is because digital assets are usually files on a computer, which are therefore vulnerable to manipulation and theft. Thus, the use of blockchain technology allows parties to transact openly and transparently, ensuring a secure and efficient exchange.

The Future of Bitcoin

Blockchain has the potential to completely disrupt the financial industry in the same way that social media disrupted mainstream media or the same way that Netflix destroyed blockbusters. Blockchain technology can be used as a platform that provides financial services to everyone around the world, including people in developing countries who may not have access to traditional banking services and cannot afford the rates required to make large transactions. This technology has the potential for major breakthroughs in almost every major industry that is typically manipulated by large corporations.

Using Blockchain Technology in Education

Blockchain technology in education can be used to identify students who really need scholarships and those who can afford them. This is because several students have bypassed the system and received funding. It will actually hurt low-income students, who end up dropping out or racking up huge debt that forces them to barely work.

Finally, a huge amount of the population may be burying their heads in the sand right now because they want blockchain to go away, but this technology is definitely not going away. In the near future, we will all be trading using blockchain as part of our daily activities. Our great-grandchildren will read about money and ATMs just as we read about barter and gold. Therefore, it is very important that we adapt as quickly as possible to how we are forced to adapt.

Stock market averaging

The art of averaging

Averaging is a term you see in the markets from time to time; it refers to the average price paid for a particular stock if you bought the stock of that particular company.

To calculate the average price paid for a particular stock, you add up the total amount you paid for the stock and divide it by the number of shares you bought in that company.

The answer is the average amount you paid for the stock.

Try this math question:

There are five numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

What is the average number?


Add five numbers: 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 = 150

Divide the sum of the five numbers (150) by 5

150 divided by 5 = 30 (answer)

You can easily do this with a calculator.

There are so many stock trading platforms available today that investing directly in the stock market has never been easier for the common man and woman.

So how does averaging work?

If you buy stocks at regular intervals, you will pay different prices for each share because stock prices rise and fall. Imagine that last week you bought something at the supermarket at full price and this week you bought it at a special price. The average price you paid for the item will be somewhere between the higher and lower price.

This is how the stock market works. By purchasing a particular stock at regular intervals, you will receive several shares when the price is lower. This is the advantage of regular savings.

In fact, I think there is an argument for buying more shares when the price is low. The average price paid per share is determined by calculations as explained earlier.

Averaging strategy can also be used when investing in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is more volatile than the stock market, so a shrewd investor looking for a bargain can invest when the price falls.

There are so many stock trading platforms that playing the markets is accessible to everyone. I joined two of them in New Zealand. Most countries have stock trading platforms. Signing up for them is easy; you need some form of identification. Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go.


Playing the markets requires positive thinking and a cool head. If you have them, you can profit from falling markets. Averaging is a technique that takes advantage of falling markets.

Grow your pension through cryptocurrency investments

All over the world, the average life expectancy of people has increased not by days, but by hours. Compared to the 1950s, it has grown by 50%, and compared to the 1980s – by 30%. Long gone are the days when company-sponsored retirement plans alone were enough to enjoy a relaxed and worry-free golden age.

Today, with other expenses such as housing, education, health care and more rising, some people find it increasingly difficult to save for retirement.

Unfortunately, the hard truth is that people of all generations, from baby boomers to millennials, are not saving enough for retirement. The economy is one of the world’s most underrated epic crises.

“Retirement is difficult. It’s never too early or too late to start preparing for retirement.”

Therefore, people try to find alternative opportunities that provide them with higher income in a shorter period. Traditionally, real estate, private and venture capital are in demand. Now a new and more complementary way to make money and make profitable investments has joined the picture – enter cryptocurrencies.

Investing in cryptocurrency is for those who don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket

One of the biggest benefits of investing in cryptocurrency is that it separates your portfolio from reserve currencies. Let’s say if you live in the UK, your retirement portfolio is bound to have shares in UK companies if you’re into equity. What will happen to your portfolio if the British pound crashes? And given today’s volatile political scenario around the world, nothing is certain.

Therefore, investing in cryptocurrency makes the most sense. With a digital currency investment, you are effectively creating a basket of digital coins that acts as an effective hedge or safe bet against the weakness of the reserve currency.

The average investor should allocate only a small portion of their retirement assets to crypto due to its volatility. But volatility can short both sides — think back to health care stocks in the 1950s and tech stocks in the 1990s. Smart early investors were the ones who made it big.

Don’t fall behind and don’t lose. Incorporate crypto into your assets to start building a truly diversified portfolio.

Cracking the Wall – Build your confidence in cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest and biggest hurdles most new crypto investors face is that they can’t trust digital currencies. Many people, especially people who are not tech savvy or close to retirement, do not understand what promotion is. Unfortunately, they fail to realize and appreciate the countless possibilities of cryptocurrency.

The reality is that cryptocurrencies are one of the most reliable assets backed by the latest technology. Blockchain technology, which works with digital currencies, allows trading immediately and forever without the need for third-party verification. It is a peer-to-peer system that is completely open and works on advanced cryptography principles.

Retirement planning funds should work to demystify cryptocurrencies

To build trust and gain people’s support, pension funds must educate investors about the endless possibilities of cryptocurrencies. To do this, they need advanced analytics to help provide robust risk analysis, risk/return metrics and forecasts.

In addition, investment companies can create specialized cryptocurrency advisory services to help and guide new investors. In the coming years, you can expect to see several intelligent AI-based advisors appear on the scene – helping to calculate the right investments based on a person’s time horizon, risk tolerance and other factors.

Human advisors can work alongside these smart advisors and provide customers with personalized advice and other suggestions as needed.

The need for greater visibility and comprehensive control

Retirement investors looking to add cryptocurrencies to their asset portfolio need more control and visibility as they experiment with this new asset. Look for platforms that allow you to consolidate all your assets in one place. An integrated solution that allows you to manage and balance all your assets, including traditional ones like bonds and stocks with new asset classes like cryptocurrency wallets.

Having such a broad platform that supports all of your assets gives you a holistic view of your portfolio, helping you make better, more informed decisions. This way, you will reach the ultimate goal of saving for your goals faster.

Look for investment planning portals that also provide additional features such as recurring cryptocurrency deposits at scheduled or unscheduled intervals.

Advances in technology support for cryptocurrency investing

Cryptocurrency investing will only become mainstream when the enabling technology allows investors to trade coins seamlessly, even for new investors with no know-how. It should be possible to exchange one digital coin for another, or even for fiat currencies and other non-tokenized assets. If this becomes possible, it will eliminate middlemen from the equation, thereby reducing costs and additional fees.

As the technology that supports cryptocurrency investment and trading matures, the value of digital currencies will further increase as the currency becomes mainstream with wider availability. This means that early adopters will make huge profits. As more and more retirement investment platforms integrate cryptocurrency, the value of digital currencies will inevitably increase, offering significant benefits to early adopters like you.

If you’re wondering if it will take a few years for these kinds of retirement investment platforms to see the light of day, you’d be wrong. Auctus is one such portal that is currently in the alpha launch stage. It is the first of its kind retirement portfolio platform to include digital currencies. Auctus users can receive investment advice from both humans and AI-powered analytical tools.

At the moment, users can save for retirement using Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other digital currencies. In addition, users can use the automated rebalancing feature, which allows you to automatically adjust your portfolio using a set of preset rules.

This holistic approach ensures that users can reach their retirement goals sooner by making smart and sound investment choices or decisions.

Final Thoughts – You can’t ignore cryptocurrencies in your retirement portfolio

Yes, it is true that cryptocurrencies are very volatile. In fact, there is speculation online that “cryptocurrency is nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme” and the bubble is likely to burst soon.

The uncertainty doesn’t mean cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be part of your retirement portfolio, even if you have short investment horizons. On the other hand, the current fall in cryptocurrency prices in 2018 means that you have a rare opportunity to profit.

Greater trust, holistic and directly controlled investment management capabilities, and advances in supporting technologies ensure that digital currencies are an excellent investment choice to include in your retirement portfolio.

Best ICO of 2018 – This Cryptocurrency Will Destroy Wall Street

As we begin to see the growth of cryptocurrency trading, more and more new digital assets are being created every day. The concept of this is absolutely brilliant, only we are left with a huge problem because many will find less and less real quality investment options in the crypto market. More and more public, it appears that only the top 15% of cryptocurrencies will maintain significant value over time.

The reality of ICOs is a new idea, but we need to see major changes to offer the security seen with traditional investment instruments. The fact that we are in a playing field where no governments or authorities can regulate these digital assets opens the door for fraudsters and abusers. This is the main problem with ICOs, even companies that may offer a legitimate product or service can end up wasting investors’ money and leaving token holders with an asset that is truly worthless. This is what the Dibbs ICO promises to fix, along with many other promises to change the world through blockchain development.

The Dibbs ICO introduces the erc20 token to the public, which has some additional unique features. These tokens can be sold back to the issuer for payment in Bitcoin or Ether. This is planned to be managed through smart contracts, which will increase the level of security for investors by offering a reliable source to liquidate their holdings! The concept is simple and brilliant! The reason for this development is that Dibbs llc can demonstrate its ability to create digital assets that offer the same benefits and certainly as traditional investments, but with much higher returns, instant liquidity and the ability to create new benefits that can be unique. to each token. This in turn will initially be managed by Dibbs as they will oversee the companies that want to launch on their platform, making sure that what is promised is delivered as we move into the final phase that makes this whole system autonomous.

With the Dibbs Token, you can get a piece of every offer that will be launched from this platform! This is an added bonus behind the Dibbs token, it is unmatched in terms of the ability to see extremely high returns in the future. The fact is, no other offer will ever have such a staggering advantage. With the release of am altcoin via ICO, a portion of the total supply is set aside and even used as payment to Dibbs for their asset production services. In turn, these holdings are distributed to Dibbs token holders in proportion to their holdings.

All I can say is wow! I went ahead and made this company a central hub for my partners in the financial sector and they all gave it the thumbs up. I personally invested over $5,000 USD in this offering by purchasing tokens at the pre-sale price. The ICO doesn’t actually start until September 2018, but if you participate today, you’ll benefit greatly by saving up to 200%

To learn more about this company, visit http://dibbs.co.

Dibbs Coin Offer – dibbs.co

Make money from YouTube videos, but not from YouTube

Video from YouTube to earn without YouTube.

Did you know that you can make money online from YouTube videos and affiliate marketing, but not from YouTube itself? There are 2 secret sites I discovered; one will pay you for video clicks (without video optimization). Whereas with the second one, I had more views in one week and less than half as many videos as YouTube in a month (also without any video optimization and/or algorithms).

It all started when I had trouble with the massive social giants and got to the point where I was fed up with the red tape! Working on creating unique quality content only to have my posts spammed and scammed by bitcoin and binary trade spammers! Yes, you know exactly which platform I’m talking about.

Now, apart from that you get access to these great alternative video platforms. I’m also going to give you access to refreshing alternatives to the mainstream media. That is, when you’re tired of all the hassles like ridiculous T’s and T’s, fact checkers and all the other whiners! These sites that you are about to access are uniquely attractive to the audience, most (more than 70%) from top tier countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

Getting buyer traffic without too much hassle.

Getting traffic from affiliate links is one thing. But converting those visitors into sales and engagement is quite another. Let’s face it, everyone who starts affiliate marketing immediately chases after the mainstream media and social giants. Just stop already! Stop wasting time and effort only to get blocked, banned and suspended.

Spending days and even weeks researching and creating unique content only to get kicked in the nuts! All that hard work goes for naught and then you have to wait for your blocked or banned period to end. This, by the way, will leave a huge gap in your consistency, which is why you’re still struggling. Because if you want to drive affiliate traffic, consistency is paramount. You don’t need social giants.

You don’t need the funny T’s and T’s. I’m also pretty sure you’re just as tired as I am”fact checking“! For God’s sake, you can’t even share a joke these days without “fact checking” I’m hysterical! But I have to admit, I’m glad they drove me to this point of frustration. So much so that I found refreshing alternatives and haven’t looked back since.

Discussing sites and updating alternatives.

I have to be honest and say that these sites that you are going to access do not have as many visitors as the giants. But ask yourself this. Would you like to have 1,000,000 visitors without a single engagement? Or would you rather have 10,000 visitors who are active, engaged and buying from you? Yeah, I thought so.

One referred visitor is worth more than 100,000 visitors with zero engagement and/or sales. When you’re working to drive traffic, engagement and sales are pretty refreshing, right? So let’s take a look at some of these refreshing alternatives to the usual giants.

· Gul

· BitChute

· MeWe (Search in your browser)

· Gab (Search in your browser)

Rumble and BitChute are alternative video platforms like YouTube. Only Rumble will pay you for video views much faster. Because Rumble optimizes your video minutes after uploading it. So you can start earning from clicks right from the start. BitChute is a bit more complicated in terms of video views and monetization. But this is not the main thing.

With BitChute, get ready to be blown away by the top 80% traffic. Within 3 days I got almost 3000 video views from 25 videos. But understand, I didn’t make a single video and I got 4 sales from affiliate offers in video descriptions! This is what I call buyer traffic! But how the hell did you do it, you might ask? Let me show you.

Get high-quality videos without creating a single video.

Getting high-quality videos to use and earn money is easy, and you only need one video conversion tool. But you will have access to this free tool after some time. It’s very easy to do, especially if you have the permission of the creator of the original video without asking. The steps are pretty simple, just start by going to your YouTube channel.

Next, you’ll want to enter the keywords and/or search phrases you want to target into the search bar and perform a search. A whole list of videos will appear in YouTube search results. But you cannot use most of these videos due to copyright. In the upper left corner of the YouTube search page, you will see “Filter”. Just click on the filter and then activate the “Creative CommonsNow you have a list of videos that you can use with permission.

Do a quick check before you copy the video URL and convert it by expanding the video description section. Right at the end of the description you will see.

License – Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse permitted)

This means you can reuse videos, which is especially great for affiliate marketing. Because there are many review videos and success stories with several affiliate products that you can use. Then simply promote the affiliate offer the video is about.

If you’ve decided on a Creative Commons video, copy the video URL. But not the URL in the search box. You want to copy the URL of the video in the Share option. Then simply add the video URL to the YouTube Downloader tool by following the steps below. Before we move on to the next heading, let’s go over the basic steps again.

1. Search YouTube for a specific target keyword.

2. Enable Creative Commons.

3. Check the video license attributes again.

4. Convert video to 720P with YouTube downloader (Search in your browser).

5. Use Canva to create eye-catching video thumbnails.

6. Upload to Rumble and BitChute.

Important note: With BitChute it is possible to use disguised affiliate links in video descriptions, but I would not advise this with Rumble. Use Rumble to get views and get paid for it. Do not share affiliate links, disguised or otherwise. Actually, don’t share links on Rumble.

Getting even more traffic for your Rumble and BitChute videos.

You guessed it; it is about the two remaining alternative sites. MeWe and Gab. Where do you want to share your videos that you’ve uploaded to Rumble and BitChute once you’re done. But you also want to interact with the audience and join groups. These two sites are like a social media giant, but without all the hassle and rules to follow.

After creating your Gab and MeWe accounts, be sure to fill out your profiles as professionally as possible. Simply because a faceless and/or suspicious profile won’t attract much attention, if at all. But social media profiles are a separate topic.

Whatever you do online, always make your profiles as complete as possible because you are competing with people who do. A profile picture is a picture of your face, like a passport photo, not your favorite car or favorite pet. Viewers appreciate knowing who they are interacting with. In addition, it creates recognition and trust.

Kakushin is the future of the multibillion-dollar global intellectual property market

What is happening is not a surprise, statistics from SAIU show that global intellectual property markets generate about US$180 billion annually from licensing. Intellectual property has proven to be the most important asset in the 21st century. What used to be a quiet corner of the tech business is turning into a hot spot in the legal and business world. Could you imagine a world where IP is protected by a single open blockchain that manages millions of dollars worth of protected rights?

Kakushin, a decentralized ecosystem driven by innovation and intellectual property, has opened a gateway for innovators to submit their patents and intellectual property (IP) to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a self-financing United Nations agency of 191 states- members. From the SAIU data, we know that global intellectual property filing activity is increasing. The data shows that the number of patents filed between 2015 and 2016 alone increased by 8.3 percent.

Intellectual property on the blockchain

The number of applications for intellectual property has been increasing for seven years in a row. It is against this background that Kakushin significantly reduced the difficulties faced by innovators in establishing basic copyright protection for their innovations and in mitigating the harmful effects of copyright infringement.

Patents are more than just IP protection, they are also valuable assets for innovators. Kakushin makes it easier for innovators to work together on IP. The project creates an environment in which innovators can pitch their ideas and increase their recognition among investors. This reduces the problems associated with neophobia. Kakushin removes the uncertainty associated with crowdfunding and ushers in an era of transparency. The Kakushin Innovation Ecosystem is a blockchain-based solution that ensures investors get a stake in the project they choose to support. Innovators are free from geographic limitations, as the ecosystem transcends borders and is a truly global solution.

Kakushin blockchain IP from SAIU

The patenting process itself is also beset with difficulties, and navigating this minefield can be a challenge for new entrants; make a mistake at the patenting stage and all the inventor’s hard work will be wasted. Kakushin’s partnership with SAIU is very important for this. SAIU is working on creating an effective and balanced international system of intellectual property. SAIU member states create the foundation on which the global intellectual property system is built, supported by treaties and conventions maintained by this international organization. Although SAIU itself does not issue patents, which is the responsibility of national or regional patent offices, it contributes to international patent protection within the PCT system.

Kakushin is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end solution for the innovation and IP industry that will offer a blockchain-based innovation environment that works with the SAIU framework. Kakushin Ecosystem is a Hyperledger-based platform that is driven by smart contracts and manual verification of all smart contract documents and audits between all IP stakeholders to protect the interests of stakeholders and make IP easily available for sharing with others (may or may not be for monetary benefits) in the virtual world. While the Kakushin ecosystem is a brand of Prius Labs Pty Ltd, Australia, it follows all the steps and guidelines prescribed by the SAIU that must be followed in the real world. Therefore, the Kakushin ecosystem works as a facilitation service provider for its clients and provides them with the services offered by the real-world AIPO plus the fact that AIPOs and other patent offices lack virtual/digital records and a smart contract-based mechanism to protect, management and monetization of intellectual property rights.

Sachin Bhargava, co-founder and CTO of Kakushin Ecosystem, said:

“We want to create a world where an inventive and unique idea gets the resources that can support the most amazing innovations from a financial point of view, so innovators don’t have to look for anything, Kakushin is a fully integrated platform to turn their idea into a viable product. “

A decentralized platform for IP incubation and protection

Kakushin’s blockchain-based incubator is based on a community-driven approach to blockchain. A comprehensive ecosystem affects all participants in the entire innovation life cycle. Kakushin Incubation and Nursing Center takes a comprehensive approach to ICOs, from spreading knowledge, facilitating investment, launching ICOs to providing tracking opportunities for existing ICOs in innovative and environmentally friendly ideas and products. Kakushin’s approach essentially focuses on effective market testing and risk reduction. The integrated exchange that accepts the Kakushin token (KKN) allows investors, buyers and inventors to access the entire innovation ecosystem.

Because Kakushin is focused on building a community that supports and fuels innovation, they are using a crowdfunding approach to support the project. The Kakushin presale is ongoing and should end on May 31, 2018. The official Kakushin community has over 18,000 members. The main token sale will run from June 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018. During the token sale, 2.4 billion KKN will be sold, which are ERC20 compliant and based on the Ethereum blockchain. The sale has a soft cap of US$4 million and a hard cap of US$30 million. Kakushin published a Whitepaper detailing the technical and other aspects of the project.

Fear not, China is not banning cryptocurrency

In 2008, after the financial crisis, a paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” was published, detailing the concepts behind the payment system. Bitcoin was born. Bitcoin has gained world attention due to its use of blockchain technology and as an alternative to fiat currencies and commodities. Touted as the next best technology after the Internet, blockchain offers solutions to problems we have been unable to solve or ignored for the past few decades. I won’t go into the technical side of this, but here are some articles and videos I recommend:

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

A gentle introduction to blockchain technology

Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work?

Fast forward to today, February 5th to be exact, the Chinese authorities have just introduced a new set of regulations banning cryptocurrency. The Chinese government already did this last year, but many of them went through foreign exchanges. It has now enlisted the all-powerful “Great Firewall of China” to block access to foreign exchanges in an attempt to prevent its citizens from conducting any cryptocurrency transactions.

To learn more about the Chinese government’s stance, let’s go back a couple of years to 2013, when Bitcoin was gaining popularity among Chinese citizens and prices were skyrocketing. Concerned about price fluctuations and speculation, the People’s Bank of China and five other government ministries issued an official notice in December 2013 titled “Bitcoin Financial Risk Prevention Notice” (link in Chinese). Several points were noted:

1. Due to various factors such as limited supply, anonymity, and lack of a centralized issuer, Bitcoin is not an official currency but a virtual commodity that cannot be used on the open market.

2. All banks and financial institutions are prohibited from offering Bitcoin-related financial services or engaging in Bitcoin-related trading activities.

3. All companies and websites offering Bitcoin-related services must register with the necessary government ministries.

4. Due to the anonymity and cross-border nature of Bitcoin, organizations providing Bitcoin-related services must implement preventive measures such as KYC to prevent money laundering. Any suspicious activity, including fraud, gambling and money laundering, should be reported to the authorities.

5. Organizations that provide Bitcoin-related services must inform the public about Bitcoin and the technology behind it and not mislead the public with misinformation.

In simple terms, Bitcoin is classified as a virtual commodity (such as in-game credits) that can be bought or sold in its original form, rather than exchanged for fiat currency. It cannot be defined as money – something that serves as a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ from 2013, it is still relevant to the Chinese government’s stance on Bitcoin, and as mentioned, there is no sign of a ban on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency. Rather, Bitcoin and blockchain regulation and education will play a role in China’s crypto market.

A similar message was published in January 2017, which again emphasized that Bitcoin is a virtual commodity and not a currency. In September 2017, the boom in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) led to the publication of a separate notice entitled “Financial Risk Prevention Notice of Issued Tokens”. Soon after, ICOs were banned and Chinese exchanges were investigated and eventually shut down. (Hindsight being 20/20, they made the right decision to ban ICOs and stop pointless gambling). Another blow was dealt to the Chinese cryptocurrency community in January 2018, when mining faced a major crackdown due to excessive power consumption.

Although there is no official explanation for the crackdown on cryptocurrencies, capital controls, illegal activities and protection of citizens from financial risks are among the main reasons cited by experts. Indeed, Chinese regulators have imposed tighter controls, such as restrictions on withdrawals and regulation of foreign direct investment, to limit capital flight and ensure domestic investment. The anonymity and ease of cross-border transactions have also made cryptocurrency a favorite vehicle for money laundering and fraud.

Since 2011, China has played a crucial role in the meteoric rise and fall of Bitcoin. At its peak, China accounted for more than 95% of the world’s bitcoin trading volume and three-quarters of its mining operations. With the intervention of regulators overseeing trade and mining operations, China’s dominance has been greatly reduced in exchange for stability.

With countries like Korea and India following their lead in cracking down, the future of cryptocurrency is now being cast in shadow. (I’ll repeat my point here: countries regulate cryptocurrency, not ban it). There is no doubt that in the coming months we will see more countries join in taming the booming crypto market. Indeed, some kind of order was long overdue. Cryptocurrencies have experienced unprecedented price volatility over the past year, with ICOs happening literally every other day. In 2017, total market capitalization rose from $18 billion in January to an all-time high of $828 billion.

Still, the Chinese community is in surprisingly good spirits despite the crackdown. Online and offline communities are thriving (I personally attended quite a few events and visited some firms) and blockchain startups are popping up all over China.

Major blockchain firms such as NEO, QTUM and VeChain are attracting a lot of attention in the country. Startups like Nebulas, High Performance Blockchain (HPB) and Bibox are also gaining a significant amount of traction. Even giants like Alibaba and Tencent are also exploring the possibilities of blockchain to improve their platform. The list goes on and on, but you get my point; it’s going to be HUGE!

The Chinese government is also using blockchain technology and has stepped up efforts to support the creation of a blockchain ecosystem in recent years.

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) envisioned the development of promising technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence. It also plans to strengthen research on fintech applications in regulation, cloud computing and big data. Even the People’s Bank of China is also testing a blockchain-based digital currency prototype; however, since it will most likely be a centralized digital currency with encryption technology, its acceptance by Chinese citizens remains to be seen.

The launch of the Trusted Blockchain Open Lab and the China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are among other initiatives by the Chinese government to support blockchain development in China.

A recent report titled “2018 China Blockchain Development Report” (English version at the link) by the China Blockchain Research Center details the development of China’s blockchain industry in 2017, including the various measures taken to regulate cryptocurrency on the mainland. A separate section of the report highlights the optimistic outlook of the blockchain industry and the massive attention it has received from VCs and the Chinese government in 2017.

In summary, the Chinese government has shown a positive attitude towards blockchain technology, despite its application to cryptocurrencies and mining. China wants to control cryptocurrency, and China will get control. Repeated control measures by regulators were aimed at protecting citizens from the financial risks of cryptocurrencies and limiting capital outflows. At the moment, it is legal for Chinese citizens to hold cryptocurrencies, but they are prohibited from transacting in any form; hence the ban on exchanges. If the market stabilizes in the coming months (or years), we will undoubtedly see a revival of the Chinese crypto market. Blockchain and cryptocurrency go hand in hand (except on a private chain where a token is not needed). So countries can’t ban cryptocurrency without banning blockchain – an amazing technology!

One thing we can all agree on is that blockchain is still in its infancy. There are many exciting developments ahead, and now is definitely the best time to lay the groundwork for a blockchain-enabled world.

Last but not least, HODL!

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention that is practically revolutionizing the global business market. Its evolution has brought with it greater benefits not only for businesses but also for their beneficiaries. But since this is a discovery for the whole world, the vision of its operational activity is still unclear. The main question on everyone’s mind is what is blockchain?

To begin with, Blockchain technology serves as a platform that allows digital information to be transmitted without the risk of being copied. This, in a sense, laid the foundation of a strong backbone of a new kind of Internet space. Originally created to work with Bitcoin – trying to explain to laymen the functions of its algorithms, hash functions and digital signature properties, today technology enthusiasts find other potential applications for this flawless invention, which can pave the way for the start of a completely new process of doing business in the world.

In all respects, the blockchain is a kind of algorithm and data distribution structure for managing electronic money without the intervention of a centralized administration, programmed to record all financial transactions, as well as everything of value.

Blockchain work

Blockchain can be understood as a Distributed Ledger technology that was originally developed to support the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. But after heavy criticism and rejection, the technology was revised for use in more productive things.

To give a clear picture, imagine a spreadsheet that is practically scaled tons of times through many computing systems. And then imagine that these grids are designed to update this spreadsheet from time to time. This is exactly what blockchain is.

The information stored on the blockchain is a shared ledger whose data is reconciled from time to time. This is a practical method that has many obvious advantages. Blockchain data does not exist in one place. This means that everything stored there is open to public viewing and inspection. In addition, there is no centralized platform to store information that hackers could damage. Virtually simultaneous access to more than a million computing systems, and anyone with an Internet connection can view its data.

Blockchain Durability and Authenticity

Blockchain technology is what minimizes the internet space. It is a gorgeous durable character. Similar to providing data to the general public via the World Wide Web, blocks of authentic information are stored on a blockchain platform that is equally visible across networks.

It is important to note that a blockchain cannot be controlled by a single person, organization or identity and has no point of failure. Just as the Internet has proven itself to be a robust space over the past 30 years, blockchain will also serve as a true, trusted global platform for business transactions as it continues to evolve.

Transparency and incorruptibility

Industry veterans argue that blockchain lives in a state of consciousness. He practically checks himself from time to time. This is similar to a self-checking technology, where its network reconciles each transaction, known as a block, that occurs on board at regular intervals.

This gives birth to two main properties of the blockchain – it is very transparent and at the same time it cannot be damaged. Every transaction that happens on this server is embedded in the network, making the whole thing visible to the public at all times. Also, it takes a huge amount of effort and strong computing power to edit or omit information on the blockchain. Among these frauds can be easily detected. Hence it is called incorruptible.

Blockchain users

There are no set rules or regulations as to who should or can use this flawless technology. Although currently its potential users are only banks, commercial giants and global economies, the technology is also available for everyday transactions of the general public. The only drawback blockchain faces is global acceptance.

Which cryptocurrencies are good to invest in?

This year, the value of Bitcoin has soared even more than one ounce of gold. New cryptocurrencies are also emerging in the market, which is even more surprising since the value of cryptocurrencies reaches more than a hundred billion. On the other hand, the longer-term outlook for cryptocurrency is somewhat blurred. There is controversy among its core developers about the lack of progress, which makes it less attractive as a long-term investment and as a payment system.


Still the most popular Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all. It currently has the largest market cap of around $41 billion and has been around for the past 8 years. Bitcoin is widely used all over the world and there are no weaknesses in its method that can be easily exploited. Both a payment system and a store of value, Bitcoin allows users to easily receive and send Bitcoins. The blockchain concept is the foundation upon which Bitcoin is based. It is necessary to understand the concept of blockchain in order to understand what cryptocurrencies are.

Simply put, blockchain is a distributed database that stores each network transaction as a block of data called a “block”. Every user has copies of the blockchain, so when Alice sends 1 Bitcoin to Mark, every person on the network knows about it.


Litecoin, one of the alternatives to Bitcoin, attempts to solve many of the problems holding Bitcoin back. It is not as stable as Ethereum, its value is mainly driven by the adoption of reliable users. It should be noted that Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, is the head of Litecoin. He also practices transparency in what he does with Litecoin and is quite active on Twitter.

Litecoin has been second fiddle to Bitcoin for quite some time, but things started to change in early 2017. First, Litecoin was accepted by Coinbase along with Ethereum and Bitcoin. Litecoin then fixed Bitcoin’s problem by adopting Segregated Witness technology. This gave him the ability to lower transaction fees and make more. However, the deciding factor was that Charlie Lee decided to focus exclusively on Litecoin and even left Coinbase, where he was the director of engineering, just for Litecoin. Because of this, the price of Litecoin has increased over the past couple of months, with the strongest factor being that it can become a true alternative to Bitcoin.


Vitalik Buterin, a superstar programmer, came up with Ethereum, which can do everything Bitcoin can do. However, its purpose is primarily to be a platform for creating decentralized applications. In blockchains lies the difference between the two. Essentially, the Bitcoin blockchain records a type of contract that indicates whether funds have been moved from one digital address to another. However, Ethereum has significant expansion as it has a more advanced language script and has a more complex and wide range of applications.

Projects began to appear based on Ethereum when developers began to notice its best qualities. Through token crowdsales, some have even raised millions of dollars, a trend that continues even to this day. The fact that you can create great things on the Ethereum platform makes it almost like the Internet itself. This has caused the price to skyrocket, so that if you bought a hundred dollars worth of Ethereum earlier this year, it won’t be valued at nearly $3,000.


Monero aims to solve the problem of anonymous transactions. Even if this currency was perceived as a method of money laundering, Monero aims to change that. Essentially, the difference between Monero and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin has a transparent blockchain where every transaction remains public and recorded. With Bitcoin, anyone can see how and where money has been transferred. However, Bitcoin’s somewhat imperfect anonymity exists. In contrast, Monero has an opaque rather than a transparent transaction method. No one is committed to these methods, but since some people love privacy for any purpose, Monero is here to stay.


Unlike Monero, Zcash also aims to solve the problems that Bitcoin has. The difference is that Monero is not fully transparent, but only partially public in its blockchain style. Zcash also aims to solve the problem of anonymous transactions. After all, not everyone likes to show off how much money they’ve spent on Star Wars memorabilia. So it begs to be concluded that this type of cryptocurrency does have an audience and demand, although it’s hard to say which privacy-focused cryptocurrency will ultimately come out on top.


Also known as a “smart token,” Bancor is a next-generation cryptocurrency standard that can hold more than one token in reserve. Basically, Bancor tries to facilitate the trading, management and creation of tokens, increasing their level of liquidity and allowing them to have an automated market price. Bancor currently has a front-end product that includes a wallet and smart token generation. The community also has features like statistics, profiles, and discussions. In a nutshell, the Bancor protocol provides an embedded price discovery as well as a liquidity mechanism for smart contract tokens through an innovative reserve mechanism. Through a smart contract, you can instantly liquidate or purchase any of the tokens in Bancor’s reserve. With Bancor, you can create new cryptocurrencies with ease. Who wouldn’t want that?


Another Ethereum competitor, EOS, promises to solve Ethereum’s scaling problem by providing a more robust set of tools to run and build applications on the platform.


An alternative to Ethereum, Tezos can be upgraded by consent without much effort. This new blockchain is decentralized in the sense that it is self-governing through the creation of a true digital commonwealth. It facilitates a mathematical technique called formal verification and has security-enhancing features of the most financially weighted, sensitive smart contract. Definitely a great investment in the coming months.


It is incredibly difficult to predict which Bitcoin on the list will become the next superstar. However, user acceptance has always been one of the key success factors when it came to cryptocurrencies. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin have this, and even though there is a lot of early adopter support for each cryptocurrency on the list, some have yet to prove their strength. However, these are the ones to invest in and keep an eye on in the coming months.